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This authentic Absinthe is created by the vapour distillation and infusion of local wormwood and natural botanicals without the use of artificial colouring or flavouring. It’s the real deal.

If you could go back in time to the mid 1800’s, to hang with the young urban artistes that crowded street side cafés and back alley speak easy bars until way too late drinking the outrageous experimental new spirit called Absinthe, you might say to your buddy Van Gogh — “hey Van, take it easy, she just wants you to lay-off the green stuff a little and give her your ear once in a while”.

The once believed hallucinogenic properties of Absinthe have long been considered the influence on the great artists of the period, but we know the wackiness was just from way too much of a good thing coupled with no sleep.

Our authentic Absinthe is meticulously made in the original traditional method, from freshly harvested home grown wormwood and botanicals.

Awards & Accolades:

Gold Medal – 2019 Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition

“A unique, one-of-a-kind absinthe. A fantastic representation of Canadian herbs and Dillon’s attention to detail. Smooth and herbal, notes of candy cane and peppermint with a sky blue hue and a snap of spice on the finish”
~ Michael Mooney of Geraldine

“This is an incredible expression of a classic wormwood-forward absinthe…I trust it will soon see international acclaim.”
~ Mike Webster from Bar Raval

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