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We Craft Natural Spirit in Small Batches Because We Love It.

Grain + Fruit + Water + People


We chose the location of our distillery for its proximity to incredible ingredients and wonderful people. We’re neighbours to farmers who grow great fruit and botanicals practically in our backyard, making it readily available to us as we need it.

Our first products are made from a base of 100% Niagara wine grapes that would otherwise be thrown on the ground during the annual thinning process. We have them dropped into baskets instead of the ground before we ferment them, then distill. Many of our herbs are either grown by us or by local farmers. Our grain is sourced locally and we have an abundance of fruit everywhere you turn in the Twenty Valley.

Great Ingredients

The story of our ingredients is the story of Dillon’s. We have access to fresh local product grown by so many amazing people using healthy, responsible practices on some of the best growing soils in the world. These elements are fundamental to Dillon’s and without them we wouldn’t be doing it.

A close proximity to ingredients and materials means substantially less fuel and resource consumption attributed to our production; sourcing ingredients, shipping them and the cooling and bulk storage of organic ingredients. Our goal was to avoid this form of waste by proper situation and resource selection.


Besides using grapes and other fruit that would have been left as waste, the spent rye grain is given back to farmers for animal feed once we have extracted all of the alcohol from it. It is an ideal high-protein animal feed that we are more than happy to give to local farmers and this ensures that another precious food resource is fully utilized.

Along with good practices and the softer carbon footprint that results from close situation to our raw ingredients, our goal is to have as little energy and environmental impact from our facility as our resources allow. Consequently as a start, we installed a roof rainwater collection system and cistern which collects, stores and recycles our cooling water during the distillation process. With time, we hope to do so much more.

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