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We’re all about the experience

We’ve taken a different approach to crafting our spirits — perhaps it’s a step back to a time when quality, craft and pride were important things. As such our goal was to offer people an experience that was a little different as well. Again, perhaps a cue from a period when people took the time to share in the things that excited them as well as soak up the meaning of quality.

Come for a visit to our sipping room and we’ll entertain you with what goes into a quality spirit while having fun trying the depth of bright and exciting flavours that we’re proud of. Then let us take you on a tour of the facility and see first hand how the distiller crafts our unique Canadian Rye, Gin and Vodka from fresh local fruit and aromatic herbs and botanicals.

The sipping room is open weekends throughout the winter season:
Friday through Sunday
11am to 5pm

If you are interested in dropping in outside of those hours, or would like to organize a tour for a group, please don’t hesitate to contact us:
Call 1.905.563.3030 / email: info@dillons.ca

Hope to see you soon.

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905.563.3030 ~ 4833 Tufford Road Beamsville, Ontario Canada L0R 1B1 ~ Hours: Open Daily from 11am to 5pm

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