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Thanks to the support of so many local companies (shout outs below) we have been able to distill, bottle and distribute 60,000+ 750mL bottles of sanitizer free of charge to first responders all across Ontario since March 2020. And the need is still there. So we will continue to make and share sanitizer to first responders for as long as they need it, free of charge.

But since we understand that the need is there for so many others, we have been distilling more of our own grape & rye based spirits (which we would normally be turning into gin + whisky) and making it available to the wider community. Each bottle of sanitizer takes the resources of two bottles of whisky or gin to produce.

Option 1 – Sanitizer 750mL bottles – both glass and spray bottles ($20 each): this helps cover the packaging, the ethanol (it takes 6L of our wine or 15L of our rye mash to make one bottle), the glycerin and hydrogen peroxide to Health Canada guidelines and the labour it takes to distill and bottle.

Option 2 – $20 Contribute to the cause: We are still running a skeleton crew but continuing to create sanitizer for first responders. If you wanted to help us keep the lights on and make more for first responders, but aren’t in need of hand sanitizer yourself, we’ve added a donation option since so many people have asked. Your donation allows us to continue to provide sanitizer to first responders free of charge using our own alcohol.


Natural Product Number: 80098209
Beverage grade alcohol (BUT DON”T DRINK IT)
SDS Sheet



If you are a first responder or critical essential service and are in need of sanitizer, please complete this online request form and we will be in touch to help.


A big thank you to the following friends for their donations and help during this time to ensure we were able to supply sanitizer to first responders free of charge:

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