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The Distillers
Good Day. Nice to Meet You.

So we’re transparent I suppose

Dillon’s is really about honesty. We will not create a product without telling you on the bottle how it is made and what it is made of.

Our Vodka and Gin are made from a base of 100% Niagara grapes. Our Gin is infused with our recipe of natural botanicals. Our rye spirit is made from 100% Ontario rye grain. We will not make products that leave you guessing what is inside. Being in the Niagara region gives us amazing access to high quality local fruits and grains to create our products, so we want to show them off.


We’re Unique

We’re excited about doing something unexpected. We want people to come in to the distillery and see something they have never seen before. We want to make interesting, unique, small batch products that you can’t find anywhere else.

We take fresh, local fruit and grain, and turn them into spirits. Not many distillers do that any more in Canada. We feel with every product we make we are bringing something new to the table.


We’re Flexible

Being small, and making small batches isn’t the result of being new, it’s the plan.

Being small and making small batches allows us to look at the art of distilling and our resulting spirits in a whole new way — reacting to seasons, opportunities of fresh ingredients that come available, or listening to the needs of bar tenders and the tastes of the market. We’re here to make exciting products that people want and which we will be proud to introduce you to. This means that things can and will change all the time in order to keep things fresh and exciting.


Handcrafted One Batch at a Time

905.563.3030 ~ 4833 Tufford Road Beamsville, Ontario Canada L0R 1B1 ~ Hours: Open Daily from 11am to 5pm

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